Bucerias Mexico Destination Wedding – Tess & Ryan

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I have a big, loud, amazing extended family. Annual traditions of summer nights spent at my grandpa’s farm, Easter egg hunts, the same seats at Thanksgiving and intense euchre tournaments at Christmas are part of why I understand and appreciate the power that comes in having all of your loved ones together, in one room. I love my awesome, crazy family. But every once in a while, another family comes along and makes me feel adopted into another amazing group. I’m not in the market for a new family, but if I was… The DuBois & Schmitz clans hold an awfully special place in my heart. And this absolutely stunning weekend for Tess & Ryan’s Bucerias destination wedding exemplifies so much of what makes this family special.

Tess’s family Christmas tradition is to celebrate in Bucerias, which over the years has held a special place in everyone’s hearts so it was a natural choice when thinking about where they would want to declare their forever. Part of what I love about destination weddings is the opportunity not only to spend multiple days with everyone in one place (instead of 8 hours) but also to showcase a new culture to your community. For their Bucerias destination wedding weekend, Tess & Ryan interspersed touches of the local culture throughout each event, while also remaining true to their own style. It was the perfect blend of authentic and personal.

Had we spent the entire weekend in the hacienda they always stay in, I would have still had options for amazing photos by the time I got on the plane. But on top of this stunning home for their welcome dinner and getting ready, the wedding day was celebrated at Martoca Beach Garden alongside the serene rhythm of the ocean. If you couldn’t already tell, this was a fabulously full weekend which means as you scroll down, you’ve only hit Part One of Tess & Ryan’s Bucerias wedding weekend. Bookmark this page, my friends, because Part Two is still to come!


And that my friends, only takes us to the end of the ceremony. There’s an entire night’s worth of celebrating still to come from this stunning Bucerias wedding weekend! But just to make sure you come back, here’s a little teaser of what we still have in store…

Can’t wait for Part 2? Check out Tess’s sister, Caitlin’s Chicago wedding day here.


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