Photography to be Shared 80 Years from Now

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In the fleeting moments, life happens.
In the silence before tears and in the shared, unabashed laughter. In celebrating age-old traditions and creating your own new memories anywhere in the world.
It’s the little moments that brought you to this climatic day….

I capture these moments so you can hold onto the feeling forever.

My name is Rebecca, and I photograph legacies.

Who I Am

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I think travel is the best form of education. And I know for a fact that creating something beautiful together improves the world.


Who You Are

Above all else, you are most excited about having everyone you love in one room. You want those unique personalities and emotions frozen in time to revisit forever because it’s our relationships that make us who we are.


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Whether walking amidst the classic Chicago architecture, hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, or adding a new stamp to my passport, I believe the photographs we create together only succeed if you look back at them and once again, feel what that moment in time was like.

Your mom should see your portrait and be able to hear your laughter.
Your spouse should get butterflies in their stomach, just like on your first date.
And someone 80 years from now should be able to learn what it was like to sit next to you and share a meal together.


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