I swear I blinked and 2016 was over. This past year brought #RMPtravel to Nadi, Fiji and Monte Carlo, Paris and Seattle, Montego Bay and of course, sweet home Chicago. The more we travel the more my heart just goes pitter-patter. With 2017 taking us to Greece for some very special ladies “I do’s,” this New Year is looking pretty stinkin’ great as well!

But before we rush into all that’s new, it’s only fitting to take a look back at some highlights that made 2016 so great. We’re taking a new twist on the typical Best Of list and awarding categories that not only showcase what made each story unique, but also what makes each such an amazing example of what makes our RMP couples so special.

At their core, RMP couples believe in the importance of legacy. They know that while their wedding day may only exist for one day, the stories and family history surrounding that day last for eternity.

Best Use of Family Heritage – Hayley & Connaught
Having celebrated their wedding day in Ireland, in a region Hayley had been visiting every year with family since she was a kid, in a room called the Connaught room, they then came back to celebrate with a larger group of loved ones in none other than the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel, where Connaught’s parents had their own wedding reception years ago.

best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0009 best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0008

Best Anniversary Celebration – Nekisha & Aaron
Truly an example of your wedding day having an effect on so much more of your life than “just” that one day, Nekisha & Aaron celebrated their 10th anniversary by recreating their wedding at the Museum of Contemporary Art again.


RMP couples are guarders of quality time. With as busy as all of our lives get, RMP couples showcase what is important to them by the time they invest in it (spoiler alert: This is often time spent with their closest friends and family).

Best Cuddly Engagement Session – Kelli & Robert
It was clear to see even 5 minutes into their engagement session that whether Kelli & Robert are exploring a new city halfway across the world or simply sitting on their couch at home, these two are focused on soaking in each moment together!


Best First Look – Taylor & Matt
First looks are a something so many of our RMP couples are interested in particularly because it allows the two of you some real quality time on the wedding day. Weddings get busy, quickly and despite your best efforts, without a First Look, it can be nearly impossible to find a few moments alone together to slow down and soak in all that’s happening.


Best Flower Girl Moment – Lindsey & Joe
There are often so many more relationships to cherish on the wedding day outside of the couple getting married. Lindsey’s iconic moment with her flower girl will forever be a favorite.


Best Bridal Party Photo – Lainey & Jeff
Lainey & Jeff also could have fallen into our next category, because they definitely surprised all of their guests with a fantastic day at Chicago’s Carnivale, but the image that will forever stay in my mind is that of their 23 person bridal party. Such a large group was clearly a testament to their focus on quality time with friends & family.


RMP couples spoil the ones they love. For many of our couples, spoiling their loved ones doesn’t come in the form of gifts, but in new experiences. Whether it be surprising them with stunning decor in a classic ballroom, showcasing Chicago’s brilliant architecture or bringing them to a villa in the south of France, it will be a wedding unlike any their loved ones have experienced. AND everyone will walk away saying, “Wow, that was so them!”

Best Favor – Taylor & Matt
To start off the unique surprises straight from the start, Taylor & Matt sent out their favors prior to their Jamaican wedding day (and were sure to include 2 Southwest drink coupons as well 😉 ).


Best Destination – Katrina & Dimitri
You’ll be hearing more about the full story of Katrina & Dimitri’s decision to celebrate in their new home of Seattle soon, but given how much these two went through in order to ensure their ideal day came to fruition, it’s a no-brainer to give their Seattle wedding day our 2016 Best Destination.

best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0012 best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0013

Best use of a dog in a photo session – Matt’s proposal
Spoiling doesn’t just have to be left for the humans either! Matt’s sweet proposal was also the perfect example of how much thought and effort our RMP couples put into making sure these big moments remain unique to their own story.

best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0005 best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0006

RMP couples showcase their unique story in the details. The details aren’t just extra “things” couples have to decide on but an opportunity to really create something specific to just the two of you. It could be choosing a surprising location or making sure your drink selection includes your favorite cider, the details treat your guests to something special.

Best Use of Chicago’s History – Elyse & Andrew
Not only was having an intimate wedding day at the Emil Bach House a beautiful nod to Chicago’s history, this Frank Lloyd Wright setting also showcased Elyse’s passion as an architect, which made it an obvious choice for these two.


Best Owning It Moment – Allison & Kevin
Allison and Kevin’s “Owning It” moment could easily be classified as the Best Roll With It category as well, but given that their game time decision of whether or not to have their dream Ivy Room ceremony outside, as envisioned, or inside as Mother Nature threatened, was made a relatively easy choice because of the immense amount of thought and care they put into the details of the day, it felt best here. The beauty of it all? Given all the work that did go into planning the perfect day, their guests could tell how unique it was to the two of them and didn’t mind one bit that they might need to hold an umbrella prior to the ceremony.

best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0015 best-of-2016-chicago-wedding-photographer-rebecca-marie-photography_0014

And at the end of the day… RMP couples roll with it. After all of the hard work and intention put into all of their life’s choices, our couples know that there is only so much they can control and eventually you have to let go and enjoy!

Best Use of Sunlight during a First Dance – Lauren & Zack

I love this example because we had our lights all set up and ready to create some magic that would emphasis the romance of Lauren & Zack’s first dance. Then, about halfway through their song a gorgeous beam of sunlight comes streaming through the far corner window. I immediately turned off our lighting and utilized what Mother Nature surprisingly provided. Their First Dance photos wound up being some of not only my favorites, but Lauren & Zack’s as well!


Best Humor – Amy & Jon

Oh Jon, where do we even start with your humor? Amy is probably the one to win the award here for “rolling with it!” 🙂 There was never a dull moment with these two as Jon kept all of us laughing every time we were together.


Thank you so, so much to all of our 2016 couples who trusted me with their story and the responsibility of documenting these moments. I hope all of the artwork we’ve created together allows you to not only relive these memories, but once again feel what it felt like on such a special day.

Planning your own wedding? Check out the Inside Scoop section of our blog for all the tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years.

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    Your work is amazing! Loved spending the day with you and enjoy all the beautiful photos you took to remind us of that perfect day.


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