Olive Park Engagement – Nicole & Matt

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Nearly every single person, before they have their photo taken, feels awkward. It’s simply a natural human reaction. I feel the same way when the tables are turned. But when your gut reaction to that anxious feeling is to curl up tight to your beloved and giggle (almost) uncontrollably?  Yea, that’s pretty stinkin’ photographically perfect. And I’m going to do very little to dissuade that response 😉 While they might say it felt weird at first, Nicole & Matt were adorable from the very start of their Olive Park engagement session.

Their love is found in those knowing looks; where she knows he doesn’t exactly love having his photo taken, but he’s doing it because he loves her, and anything is worth it to watch her smile. In tight cuddles only a couple who has survived years of distance can appreciate. It’s seen in giggles about their first date, knowing how far they’ve come, and still feeling the butterflies like it was yesterday. Holy cow are you in for all sorts of cute with this blog post!

Something I’ve learned since being engaged myself: How much the guys like to check out how well they did with the bling 😉

Nicole & Matt, I can’t wait to capture more of your adorable togetherness this October! Not to mention, what all the creative minds at Revel Fulton Market have in store for your wedding day!


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