Chicago Proposal Photography – Phil Pops the Question on the Riverwalk

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Now that family has been notified and the wedding planning has begun, it’s safe to share these sweet images of Phil’s Chicago proposal to Brittany. Phil did a great job of keeping everything sneaky while making sure both he and Brittany felt camera ready. Disguised as a lovely little stroll down the Riverwalk en route to dinner with family, he was able to completely surprise his new fiancée. Thanks to the popularity of Chicago’s Riverwalk (and casual clothes mixed with a trusty little backpack), I blended right in with the city’s tourists all while being able to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Brittany might not have known her photo was being taken, but she sure rocked her outfit as though she had just read our “What to Wear When Getting Your Photo Taken!”

Favorite! Look closely and you can even see Phil’s big smile in Brittany’s sunglasses!

As much fun as all of this was, perhaps what was even more fun was surprising Brittany once more, days later when she arrived to our studio door (instead of a restaurant for lunch). She had hoped that Phil would plan to have this priceless moment photographed and making the photos into a 2nd surprise was the perfect way of continuing the excitement. Congratulations you two! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the wedding day!

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  1. Norman Cupicciotti


    My name is Norman and I am looking for a photographer for a proposal. I would like someone with experience and that is good at not making it obvious. One thing I am curious about is if you have ever done a photo shoot at Promontory Point on the south side?


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