New Orleans Engagement Session – Kristen & Nancia

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Before I ever spoke with Kristen & Nancia, I got a call from their wedding planner, Sarah Drake of Cole Drake Events in Napa. Sarah said, “Just a heads-up, you are going to totally fall in love with these women.” Well, this is the perfect example of what makes amazing planners. They get to know you, understand what you want, and then pair you with a team of vendors who jives with your goals on such a deep level that you would think you’ve known each other for years. Sarah’s heads-up couldn’t have been more of an understatement. The #fangirling had obviously already begun over phone calls and email, but the first time I actually met Kristen & Nancia in person was for their New Orleans engagement session. Well. 7 hours later… Full of laughter and sass, the time quite literally flew by, and we found ourselves wondering how we were going to possibly wait another 7 months for the wedding day.

These women are witty, confident, take-charge, loving and hilarious. May we all laugh as hard and love as fiercely as these two do together.


  1. Sarah Drake

    These pictures are EVERYTHING!! Can’t wait!

  2. Sarah

    Kristen is so elegant and Nan in those pink pumps says it all! I’m swooning over these pics!

  3. Yenima

    So beautiful!Congratulations!!!


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