What if it Rains? (Engagement Session Edition)

From the Experts, RMP Couples

The answer to bad weather when it comes to your engagement session is quite simple. We reschedule. That’s a large reason why I only work with a limited number of couples every year. We want to be sure to stay as flexible as possible because while we love to plan everything as much as possible, at the end of the day, there’s nothing we can do about Mother Nature. Granted, we can’t reschedule your wedding day if the weather happens to be less than ideal, so I’m definitely well-versed in making beautiful images rain or shine, 117-degree humidity index or absolute torrential impromptu thunderstorm (those last two happened on the same day. Ask me about that sometime!).

So, if your hair is done, the eyelashes are on point, the outfits are perfect and you really need to cross those Save the Date cards off of your ever-growing to-do list before it gets any colder outside, Amanda & Tom’s engagement session below is the perfect example of what you do if it rains. Disclaimer: Obviously, if it was pouring down outside, the option would be to find a lovely indoor option. Given that it was 40 or 50-ish degrees and an annoying drizzle when Amanda & Tom’s engagement session day rolled around, we decided to see what we could do if we managed to stay outside for 20 minutes. 20 minutes, my friends! That’s it! And this is what came of those 20 minutes…

If we consider Amanda & Tom a case study, I’d say allowing yourselves to be in a little bit of a ridiculous situation helps bring your guard down when it comes to having your photo taken. As pictured here, that then only results in fun, authentic, and sometimes hilarious memories to be documented forever.

Amanda & Tom couldn’t have picked better outfits to wear for their engagement session as well! Learn how to rock your own photos by clicking below.

What to Wear for Photos


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