What to Wear: Fall Edition

From the Experts, RMP Couples

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “What should we wear for our photos?” Deciding that is hard enough, to begin with, and we have great basic tips to get you started on engagement session outfits. When you add on the ever-changing weather Mother Nature so often throws at us in Chicago and preparing to have your photo taken can feel nearly impossible. Have no fear. There have been many a fashionable (yet timeless, of course) RMP couples that have come before you and paved the way on engagement session outfits for cooler weather.

Disclaimer: This post will focus primarily on what ladies should wear in photos for colder weather. Gents have it rather easy on this front. Pants and layered shirts (like a sweater over a button up or a great collared shirt with a formal wool coat) tend to be fairly easy to put together while keeping you warm.

The Quick Answer to Engagement Session Outfits:
Pretend it’s your anniversary and you are going out on a very special date night. What would you wear? What outfit makes you stand up a bit straighter because you are proud of how you look (and know you look gooooooood).
Wear whatever that is.

Let’s squash one idea right away: It is not necessary to just “gut it out” and wear your favorite summer cocktail dress even if it’s 40 degrees in October. To be honest, that isn’t going to look great. 1) You are going to be (and look) uncomfortable if you are freezing the whole time. No one likes a photo of themselves with their shoulders up to their ears from the cold. 2) If we are taking these photos outside, it’s going to be obvious what time of year it is. It would be silly to see photos of yourself in a summer dress with the fall leaves changing behind you. First and foremost, always create engagement session outfits that are weather appropriate!

The Easiest Tip: Look at the advertisements or the Instagram feed of your favorite clothing labels. Here you can find examples of how to coordinate outfits with multiple people. Most important of all, the key is to look like you belong together without looking like twins.

Tip #1: The right fit and the right fabrics. Caroline’s warm sweater and wool skirt look super flattering because they fit her wonderfully but also, these are sensible cooler weather fabrics that lend to staying warm. At the same time, they aren’t fabrics that are so heavy they don’t have shape. No matter what the weather, having clothing that fits you well is crucial! Outfits that have more built-in structure and flattering waistlines photograph much better than flowy options, like maxi dresses or oversized shirts.

Tip #2: Sleeves! Our legs might still be cold (see tip #4), but at least we’ve got one half covered! While I’m not sure if this trend will stick around, bell sleeves photograph amazingly well and add a little extra pizazz to an overwise sensible clothing choice.

Tip #3: Fitted layers lf you live in a cold weather climate, odds are you have your everyday functional coat but then you also have a formal coat. Formal coats tend to have a much more flattering waistline (coats with belts work great for this!) and fabric that doesn’t add too many inches to your natural body type. Think calf-length wool coats like Caroline’s gorgeous camel colored coat. The extra layer kept her warm after we had been outside for a little while, but also the shape and pockets allowed us to make sure her figure looked just as flattering as before she had the coat on. Not to mention, it compliments her natural red hair so well!

(Remember, we can throw coats off and on the entire time, so you don’t have to take all your photos with them on if you really don’t want to).

Tip #4: Warm Accessories. Scarves are the cold weather photo taking outfit’s best friend. Knee high boots (as long as they have a little heel) also are great for keeping legs warm. Additionally, of all things, don’t forget about pantyhose! Just because your favorite dress doesn’t look right with leggings doesn’t mean you can’t still have at least some little layer of warmth helping out your legs! Bonus: Pantyhose also helps smooth out our skin in photos!

And if all else fails… Who says we have to be outside? Curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and your fur baby sure sounds like a good plan for photos to me.


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