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I keep struggling with trying to write this blog post. Not because there isn’t a lot to say (Jessie & Travis’ Heritage Prairie Farm Wedding couldn’t have been a more perfect reflection of the two of them). More so, because there is so much to say. I look at these photos, think about this family and couldn’t not feel a deeper sense of gratitude to have been given the gift (again!) of documenting their stories. Combine that with the visual excitement of 2 people who made outward, detail orientated choices that do nothing but reflect their personalities all that much more, and I’m in photo heaven. Naval dress whites mixed with quite literally the most perfect flower crown I have ever seen on a bride? That is my kind of elegant dichotomy!

I first met Travis when his (now) sister-in-law had the foresight to seat us next to each other at her wedding reception. We don’t always sit with guests at the wedding (after all, we scarf down our dinner in about 5 minutes in order to get back up and keep photographing, so it’s not exactly pretty to watch), but Andrea knew that our mutual band nerd-ness would bond while Travis was left alone to be the boyfriend of a bridesmaid surrounded by family members who would ask when they were getting married. Jessie was the sweet sister of the groom, happy to see her family so happy (check out Andrea & Ben’s day here). So naturally, when Andrea texted me 2.5 years later to say Travis had proposed, I couldn’t have been more excited for two incredibly sincere people to officially spend the rest of their lives together.

In the time that’s passed, Jessie & Travis have grown in their love through deployments and long-distance. If anything, those hard times have only given these two even deeper hearts of gratitude. I could ramble on for days about their kind hearts and then I wouldn’t yet even be scratching the surface on the love surrounding them from their families on this day. So let’s get to the photos and let you see for yourself…

Can you believe that this amazing dress is made from Jessie’s mom’s wedding dress?! Jessie took my love of family legacy to a whoooooole new level. And her dress couldn’t have suited her more perfectly. It was light and comfortable, with amazing movement when she and Travis danced (and you’ll soon see Travis is a maniac on the dancefloor!). Just the touch of lace on the top added the right amount of texture mixed with the smooth skirt and the whole thing couldn’t have suited their refined, comfortable, outdoor celebration any more if it tried. #perfection

love this moment with Jessie’s dress our new awesome 2nd photographer, Vanessa, captured!

Andrea & Ben look just as happy on their wedding day, but those grown up little girls on the left here sure are a heck of a lot taller as junior bridesmaids than when they were flower girls!

Because it’s obvious that if your dad and new father-in-law gift you a sword, you’re supposed to cut the cake with it…

Congratulations Jessie & Travis! I know you have a lifetime of happiness, adventures and puppies ahead of you 🙂 To the Bairds and all the honorary Bairds (you know who you are): From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for once again, entrusting in me this great responsibility of not only documenting a wedding day but showcasing your spirits. You all are an absolute joy, and that’s an understatement.

Heritage Praire Farm Wedding Pro’s Team

Planning & Coordination – You Name It Events, Venue & Catering – Heritage Prairie Farm, Dress – HER MOM’S!! (more on that soon), Hair & Makeup – Bianca Sansosti, Floral – Pollen Floral Design, Valet – VIP Valet Services, Inc., Shuttles – Spare Wheels Transportation, Guitar – Jim Perona (Official Music Page), Reception DJ – Toast & Jam , Inc.


  1. Andrea

    Rebecca, I can’t…..this is perfect. You’re amazing. I told you at Ben and I’s wedding, we’d force you to be our friend. After Jessie and Travis’ wedding, you’ve become a part of our family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    JVLee (see what I did there) and Trav, thank you for creating the day of all days to celebrate the two of you. I wish you every happiness….unless it’s winning on game night. (You’re on your own there.) I hope you enjoy these throughout your many years together.

  2. Blythe

    I’m OBSESSED with these pics. Thanks so much for being so awesome, Rebecca!

  3. Megan

    Amazing pictures to represent the amazing day we had celebrating Travis and Jessie’s wedding. Thank you for being so awesome and capturing these shots that they will have for the rest of their lives!!!

  4. Karen Aprile

    Beautiful pictures! Made me cry! So happy for Jessie and Travis and honored to have been part of their special day!

  5. Sue Obando

    Awesome pictures capturing the amazing wedding moments throughout the event! Jessie you made a beautiful bride and I loved the redesign using your mom’s wedding dress! I am sure that just made it all the more special!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and Travis on a long, happy, healthy and loving life as husband and wife!
    Sue Obando

  6. Carl, Kyle, Ryan & Justin Lundquist

    Jesse and Travis your wedding pictures are gorgeous! You both look like you’re so in love, and we are all so happy for you both. We wish you every happiness and know you will have a wonderful fruitful life together.
    All our love forever and for always.

  7. Eric lundquist

    This was the most beautiful wedding we’ve ever been to!

  8. Holly

    These pictures are absolutely stunning! I can’t stop looking at them!

  9. Andy Wilson

    Great pics! Didn’t realize Rebecca and Travis met at Ben and Andrea’s wedding… now that’s planning!

  10. Gary Hawks

    These wedding pictures are outstanding and really fun to look at! GREAT memories!

  11. Valerie Ihara

    OH my gosh the photos are absolutely stunning.

  12. Dennis & Sue Valenti

    These pictures are truly just beautiful. What a perfect way to remember your wonderful wedding ! You are a beautiful couple ! Wishing you a long happy life together. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day !

  13. Leya

    Wowzer! Each shot perfectly captures the beauty and blessing of this wonderful day. I am so happy for Jessie and Travis!❤️❤️

  14. Rita

    Very beautiful wedding and you captured the love and excitement for Jessie and Travis with such wonderful photos.

  15. Jessie

    I love that our story is reflected in these photos. They really do capture the love and goodness that surrounds us and will be a tangible reminder of one of our happiest days together for years to come. Thank you Rebecca and Vanessa!!!

  16. Kevin Lundquist

    The pictures are Amazing !
    Rebecca did an Awesome job of keeping a low profile……I was at the wedding and reception and didn’t even notice her Presence.
    Very Impressive !

  17. Linda Miller

    Am so glad to have witnessed such a unique, exquisite wedding of two such beautiful people. Love was definitely in the air and know it will remain with the two of you throughout your marriage. I love you both. And thank you Rebecca for the wonderful memories you have captured for us to relive.

  18. Sandra Pelose

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! It was a lovely wedding for a very special couple & on a perfect day! I am so glad we were able to share this wonderful day with our special friends/family!



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