My Personal Favorites

Not everyone asks these, and they aren’t often on the most frequently “pinned” lists, but they give a greater insight into the level of service being provided.


Why ask:
Weddings take a lot out of you. It can be a long, physically tiring day for everyone involved — including your photographer. You want a photographer who has the experience, stamina, and positivity to not only make it through the day, but to excel in the environment. On the flip-side, you don’t want someone who spreads themselves too thin. For example, if your wedding is on a Sunday, and your photographer already shot a Friday and a Saturday wedding, you may find yourself with a photographer running on fumes…or a Trente triple-shot coffee!

The RMP Answer:
No more than 25 per year. This is my maximum number. It means I am active throughout the year, continuously improving my craft, shooting at new venues and meeting amazing couples. It also means that I’m not shooting 3 weddings per weekend or booking unnecessary short travel timelines that cause unneeded risk. Working with no more than 25 couples each year also gives us flexibility for your engagement session. If it rains, we just reschedule! It’s not going to be that easy if someone is working with 50+ couples.


(Ok, truth be told, no one has ever actually asked this question, but it is a great one to ask!)

Why ask:
You marry for life, don’t you want your photos to last just as long?

The RMP Answer:
This level of quality guarantee was a non-negotiable when I first started vetting our production partners. While this makes our albums a bit more of an investment than others out there, it also makes them worth it.


Why ask:
Planning your wedding can be overwhelming and sometimes you just want to be able to cross a decision off the list without figuring out every minute detail. #iamright? I believe this also is a sign of the flexibility of the vendors you are looking to work with. Planning a major event sometimes more than a year prior to the big day often means things change and you need a team of pros that can roll with it alongside you.

The RMP Answer:
You should only make informed decisions and anyone trying to get you to do otherwise feels suspicious to me. It’s as simple as starting with what we determine, together, to be your minimum needs. That way you can get your date reserved without hesitation (because dates are first come first serve for all of us, making the official reservation the most urgent part). After that, you can always add hours or even upgrade to an entirely different collection as you have a clearer idea of your day (and we can help you build that timeline too!).

We also offer album credits, which is a bit different than most other photographers. With credits, you know you have money set aside for an album, but the details of it – how many pages, what size, what kind of cover, etc etc – can actually be decided once you have your photos.


Why ask:
There is currently no barrier to entry in the field of photography, which makes it hard to figure out who has been intentionally studying this craft for years and who just got lucky with a new camera. You want to make sure you are protected & the photography company is legitimate.

The RMP Answer:
Yes, we absolutely have a business license as well as more than enough insurance coverage to meet the standard minimums of many popular and historic venues. Simply connect us with your venue coordinator and we’ll have a certificate of insurance for your day specifically over to them in 48 hours.


Why ask:
Any tech person would agree that when it comes to technology, something always happens. It’s not a matter of IF it will crash or break, it’s a matter of WHEN. There’s no need to take a risk with something as priceless as your wedding photos.

The RMP Answer:
From the moment a memory is being captured, I am taking precautions. Inside of my cameras there are 2 memory card slots, so I am immediately backing up your photos as we shoot! Once downloaded at the studio, images are then stored on 2 different external hard drives (along with 1 off site hard drive and 2 cloud based services). After editing is complete and you have all of the photos, they are permanently stored on a separate hard drive. I keep them there for you forever (literally, even if – heaven forbid – RMP were to close doors, the hard drives are already purchased and aren’t going anywhere). The JPEGS are also backed up in a cloud-based system, so if anything terrible were to ever happen inside of the studio walls, we are still covered!

Bonus tip: This is why tangible artwork is the best! It’s never going to “crash” or be unusable because you updated your operating system.

The More Popular Questions


Why ask:
After I’ve been photographed, I know I am incredibly anxious to see the results.  Did I do that over-smiling thing again or can you actually see my eyes this time? How did my hair look? Was my dress as flattering as my friend said it would be? Gah! Having a clear date for when you will see your photos doesn’t make the waiting any easier, but at least you know what to expect. There are too many questions left unanswered in the usual response “within a few months.” None of that is specific and you are left wondering (and responding to all of your mom’s texts about when she’ll get to see them as well).

The RMP Answer:
We set the exact date before the wedding even happens! Photos are finished within 6 weeks of your wedding and the date is set prior because we host a party for you at our studio. On that exact date, you’ll come into the studio, enjoy a little bubbly and see your photos for the first time together. This ensures the two of you are the first to see the photos before anyone else. Only after your party will we release the online gallery for you to share with family & friends. Doing it this way also gives you the opportunity to choose to keep any photos private for just the two of you or hide any that you might like to surprise your loved ones with as a present.


Why ask:
It’s hard to make decisions about things you’ve never done before. For many couples, an engagement session is one of those “maybe we’ll do it, maybe we won’t” ideas but they can be incredibly informative for your preparation up to the big day.

The RMP Answer:
So many good things come from an engagement session and they don’t have to be as cheesy as you see on Pinterest (I tend to avoid balloons and props whenever possible). Most of all, I love engagement sessions because it’s just a sensible step in preparing for the wedding day. After all, you don’t get a second chance when it comes to your wedding day – so why not do everything you can to be the most prepared?

Here’s some of the top things we learn together from having an engagement session.

  • What helps the two of you feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  • What the most flattering posing & gear options are.
  • Do you even like being photographed by me?! (Why leave this as a big mysterious question for the big day?)

On top of those highly important learning opportunities, an engagement session is a chance to do something unique to the two of you that we wouldn’t have time for on the wedding day. We have journeyed back to the site of proposals with couples, jumped on a plane to their favorite vacation spot, or simply hung out at home with puppies who won’t be getting near that wedding dress. Whatever it is, the perfect choice for your engagement session is something intrinsic to your love story.


Why ask:
There is far too much happening on a wedding day for one person to document it all. Why choose between the two of you during your first dance vs your parents’ reaction to your first dance when you could have both?

The RMP Answer:
Absolutely! I work with a small, hand-selected network of other full-time pros – a small enough list that we work together regularly as a well-oiled machine, but enough options on the list to make sure they are the right fit for your day. We will confirm your second photographer no less than three months prior to the wedding day.


Why ask:
When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, first you obviously have to like their style, but second, you need to know their style fits within what will be the parameters of your day. For example, if you are having a NYE wedding and nothing starts until after the sun sets, a “natural light” photographer might not be the best option.

The RMP Answer:
Of course! Nearly every single reception we’ve photographed takes place from evening into the night, and is surrounded with a low-light ambiance to set the mood. While I always strive to retain that ambiance you’ve thought so hard about for your guests, we also want to be sure the lighting in all of your photos is the most flattering. Long story short, if you click on over to “The Party” page of the portfolio, everything you see is a “dark reception” with a little extra love from us to make sure you can actually see the faces of your loved ones.


Why ask:
Why to mention this is probably quite obvious.

The RMP Answer:
Odds are, if you pick any photo you see on this website and ask me if that person said this very thing at first, the answer will be “yes.” Let’s be honest – having your photo taken can be weird! It can be uncomfortable and being in the spotlight isn’t always as thrilling as some might think. This goes back to why I love having an engagement session with every one of our couples before the big day. Hands down, while so many people start out saying how much they don’t like having their photo taken, at the end of their RMP Experience, they always tell me that it actually aws a lot more fun than they thought. But you probably won’t believe that until you test it out for yourself. 😉

The Scary Questions…


After years of pining after the golden sun that seems ever present in my California colleagues photos, I’ve realized having been in Chicago for the start of my career was a huge blessing. No matter the time of year, it couldn’t be more unpredictable – which means no matter where I am, no matter the weather or the lighting, we are prepared. For starters, together we will always have a Plan B and Plan C. I’m incredibly Type A for a creative, so we take no changes. We will focus on making sure the backup plans continue to reflect the aesthetic and style you’ve worked so hard to showcase in your Plan A wedding day vision.


As someone who’s wedding photographers became pregnant during the process of planning our wedding, believe me when I say, I get it. It’s hard enough to find the perfect fit, let alone think about what the backup plan is for that perfect fit. But this is a human event, months if not over a year from now with possibly 100s of humans involved. Things might happen.

This is why I love having a team. While I will always be your lead photographer when booking RMP, I do also have a team of photographers, in-house, that work for RMP. In the event that something catastrophic happens, our first backup is your 2nd photographer I’ve already booked for your wedding. Then, we look to other internal team members to fill the 2nd position. The beauty of this all being in-house is that everyone will already have the crucial inform. Our team will know your preferences on posing, learned during your engagement session. They will have our timeline and know the details of family dynamics we discuss months prior to the big day.  While in over a decade of photographing weddings I’ve never missed one, I also do not believe in taking risks. Just like your rain backup plan, even in the event of an emergency, I will always have your back.

Don’t take my word for it.