I’m a woman of dichotomy – callused hands and a no-chip manicure. I believe most things in life can be solved by laughing next to a friend over a shared glass of bubbly.

Why Wedding Photography?

I take gorgeous photos of weddings – that’s rather obvious. But that’s not what I consider to be my real job. As a photographer, what I really do for a living is remind you of what you felt the moment the photo was taken. 

Photos have allowed me to meet the spunky personality of my older sister. Without photos, her story would have been one of tragedy. Of a life stolen by leukemia moments after her 9th birthday. But thanks to boxes of printed photos and stacks of old albums, I know that Michele was the life of the party. I know she’d put on a home-theater performance at a moment’s notice. I know she would hug me to her side with the strongest of squeezes my 3-year-old self could survive. Thanks to baby photos, I know it was hard to tell who was who and I can understand why so many of our elementary school teachers would call me the wrong name. Little did they know how much it excited me to be called Michele. Looking through these photos has taught me the silly kind of facts we usually know about our loved ones because family members would recount stories of what was happening in the moment the photo was taken (like how her endearing nickname for me was Booger. If that’s not big sister love in all it’s orneriness I don’t know what is).

And when I hold these photos in my hands, I can feel – over and over again – what it would be like to be in the room with her.

This is what I think of when I photograph your wedding. In 30 years, when you look through your wedding photos, I want you to feel what it was like to take that big breath right before you walked down the aisle. I want your mom to hear your laughter as your dad cracked jokes between tears, twirling you around on the dance floor in front of the most precious people in your life.

I believe in not only taking care of the two of you, but in taking care of the memories. In 80 years, your wedding album will be opened up by a grandchild that was never even at your wedding. She will learn what ridiculous nicknames you had for each other and what silly joke your dad was telling you on the dance floor, because these photos will spur priceless conversations.

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with."


Who You Are

You are independent and ambitious. Sharing life together simply makes it more enjoyable. You’ll sacrifice the perfect walk-in closet for a bigger dining room table and you can’t wait to host Friendsgiving. You work hard not only for the gratification of accomplishment but in order to thoroughly enjoy your time away from work – and that time is priceless.

You travel the world, but you are always home for Christmas.

Your friends love your thoughtfulness that comes with a side of sass.

Your style is timeless and elegant, yet always approachable.

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