Chicago Riverwalk Engagement – Kelli & Adam


They laugh without caution and hold onto each other as if the axis of the world existed inside of that hug. Their laughter tells of the comfort found in being yourself without holding back. And all of those hugs – with the extra little squeezes – speak volumes to the support system they find in each other. And with this romance, the romantic setting that is the Chicago Riverwalk at night, couldn’t have been a more perfect spot for Kelli & Adam’s engagement session.

The cozy ambiance that naturally surrounds Kelli & Adam would be enough to make time photographing them amazing, but add to that outfits that pretty much follow our RMP What to Wear tips to a T and I’m real excited. I mean, who wouldn’t be when a couple tells you it was actually the groom-to-be who suggested his gorgeous fiancé where the Kate Spade heels? #AmIRight?

(Hint: If you are looking for tips to rock a perfect engagement session look like Kelli & Adam, check out this blog post!)

 Learn How to Rock Your Engagement Session like Kelli & Adam!


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