Washington D.C. Engagement – Samantha & Don

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When you’ve known a person for years, there’s a natural comfort. I witness this between childhood best friends just as much as with couples. There’s the shared inside jokes and one-line movie quotes that both have you cracking up, because no doubt there are year’s of stories behind that one sentence. Samantha & Don have this comfort in spades, but that’s not where their connection stops. In a split second, Samantha can go from rolling her eyes at Don’s silly jokes (that she secretly loves) to pulling in for the type of hug that tells the world they have each found their partner in life. I think they would have had this bond no matter what, but a period of geographical distance only tightened their emotional connection. Now back in the same city together, it only made sense we document a Washington DC engagement session as the marker of this next phase in life.

Prior to meeting up with Samantha & Don for their DC engagement session, I had only spoken to them on the phone (and InstaStories, of course). We laughed once we were finally together, because it felt like we’d known each other for years. Huge credit on this bond goes to Danielle of Magnolia Bluebird for her expert knowledge of pairing the perfect couple with creative pros that will be a natural fit (Hint: THIS is one of the top unrealized reasons to hire a planner!!). I was already excited for their  DC nuptials coming this October, but now we’ve just reached a new (embarrassing) fangirl level.

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