Sleeping Bear Dunes Destination Engagement – Alyssa & John

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When Alyssa and I first started talking about plans for her and John’s engagement session she said, “Well it would be really perfect if…” to which I promptly responded, “Well, why not?!” Friends, I think Why Not is going to be my mantra of 2017, but more on that later.

Alyssa’s “why not” was a trip to Northern Michigan and a particular spot on the lake near and dear to her and John. So after putting a pause to the original Chicago plan, 2 weeks later their Sleeping Bear Dunes destination engagement session dreams came to life. And oh what a perfect example of how inspiring traveling to a new location can be! I didn’t even realize I was craving the amazing views of the Pacific Northwest (check that out here) until we came around the trail bend and saw this… #YesPlease


I am also desperately swooning over the dichotomy these two created with their snazzy outfits hiking through the woods. Most would pick jeans, boots, and sweaters, but I think Alyssa’s flowing maxi skirt and John’s suit added the perfect formal touch to this special occasion. When in doubt, always pick the more formal clothing choice. As my mom always said, few people regret being overdressed but everyone hates being underdressed.

sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0002 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0008 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0007 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0011 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0003 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0009 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0006

These two have equally adorable personalities to match how adorable they are in photos. I can still hear Alyssa calling John “sweetie” every time he’d lend his jacket to keep her warm or help traverse the tricky terrain.

sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0010 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0012 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0013 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0001 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0018  sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0016 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0015 sleeping-bear-dunes-engagement-photos-rebecca-marie-photography_0005

Alyssa & John, thank you for embracing “why not?!” and showing me such a stunning location. I can’t wait to document all your spring wedding day will surely have in store!



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