Martoca Beach Garden – Bucerias Wedding Part Two

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I have heard a lot of people say, “We picked this venue because it’s so beautiful, we don’t really need to do anything to it.” Tess & Ryan’s lush Martoca Beach Garden wedding ceremony & reception are the perfect example of why that does not hold true (sorry friends). Instead, your decor should rise to meet the level of the beauty that is surrounding you. Empty tables with a single vase of flowers would have created a stark contrast amidst the lush palms of Martoca. But instead, the full runners of palms and tropical foliage that draped each table, along with bright colored glassware and natural wooden textures not only blended in perfectly with the surroundings, but also elevated the scene for that added touch of formality suitable for a wedding. It’s a delicate balance to have a comfortable, beachside space that still feels as important as a wedding should and Tess & Ryan’s creative team nailed it perfectly. The place you choose to celebrate in sets the tone and creates the backdrop to document all of those incredibly important people who make the day so exciting. I have always believed it is the people that first and foremost make this special (and where the photography should focus), but the place is actually what you choose first. The place sits behind and around those people. It gives them a setting to experience and a culture to immerse themselves in. While documenting the uniqueness of all the relationships in one room together will forever remain paramount, it has to be done with acknowledgement to the place that surrounds you as well. Before you start scrolling down to see all the beauty of this Martoca Beach Garden wedding evening, have you looked at Part One of Tess & Ryan’s wedding weekend? If you missed out, click here!

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