Destination Anniversary Portrait – Florida with Gregory & Jonathan


It was an absolute honor to be invited to join Gregory & Jonathan for a destination anniversary portrait session to celebrate their 20th anniversary vacation in Florida. The ease with which they laugh with (maybe sometimes at? ;-) ) each other is that type of comfort that can only come in sharing 2 decades of life together. Not to mention their laughter is absolutely contagious! Not seen here are the outtakes of slightly less focused photos because I couldn't hold my camera still from laughing! After 20 years together, it's obvious they know when to snuggle and when to give space. When to laugh at a crazy suggestion and when to comprise and agree to that suggestion (both of those may have happened in the final 2 photos here). There is an obvious connection with these two whether they are standing next to each other or on opposite sides of a crowded room. And I think that will be apparent as soon as you scroll down. As Gregory told me after seeing the photos "The photographer makes two old men look you and stupidly ridiculously in love. We we are in love just old."  Guys, for the record, you definitely don't look old! Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0005 Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0006 Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0003 Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0004 Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0007 The Look! We all have one & no doubt, our loved ones know it well! Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0008 Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0009 Last but certainly not least, that moment Jonathan was completely not convinced of and trusted Gregory & I anyway. Thanks for not shoving me in the pool, Jonathan. ;-) Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0010 Luxury-Destination-Portrait-Photographer-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0011 Gregory & Jonathan, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your authentic selves. And thank you for reminding us all that loving life together should be as fun and full of giggles as life was when we were kids. You two are a blast!


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