The Best Thing I Did While Planning MY Wedding

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4 weeks ago I was incredibly stressed. I had a couple of those magical days where you don’t have any meetings or plans, which naturally means you think you are going to get #AllOfTheThings done. And then I would look at the clock and 3 hours had slipped by. How? Because I wound up elbow deep in my own wedding planning and spreadsheets. I accomplished very few of those things I planned to do for RMP because I was in the 8-weeks-until-your-wedding-day-oh-my-gosh-there-are-so-many-tiny-details-to-keep-track-of-and-I-still-haven’t-finished-my-own-work-like-I-planned mode. And then I had what can only be described as an incredibly obvious realization.

This entire planning process, I’ve followed my own advice I give to our couples. Kevin & I hired pros we trust – explicitly. So why wasn’t I leaning on them? I’ve told couples for years to delegate as much as they can. This is the main way to not let planning become too stressful.

What I never knew was just how hard it is to let go and allow yourself to delegate.


But my friends, it is literally the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. I compiled my final list of minute details and check-ins, met with our wonderful planner (Nicole of Zen Events Chicago), walked her through everything and never turned back. Since then, she has quite literally handled everything – even down to communicating with our guests!! And I’m back to rockin’ it out for our fabulous RMP couples, cuddling on the couch with the new puppy, and looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The best part of it all? Freeing up my mind from all the minutia has allowed me to think up new ways to surprise our closest loved ones who will be arriving in Italy in 2 short weeks. And those surprises are going to be awesome. After all, for Kevin & I, while the wedding is of course about the two of us, the experience of the day and weekend has constantly been about how we can best take care of our guests.

Disclaimer: I’m spoiled through this process because I’ve known our creative team of professionals for years. We work side-by-side and hang out on a regular basis. There was no reason I shouldn’t have been delegating and trusting them to do what we do together so regularly. I realize it might seem then that my recommendations here don’t always apply to those getting married who didn’t happen to work as a wedding professional first. But I promise, the same thing still applies. In fact, helping our couples get back to enjoying themselves through this whole process is why so many of us do what we do!

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more about my own wedding planning process after our guests find out about the surprises and we say “I do!”

In the meantime, check out our From the Experts section of the blog for other tips on hiring your wedding photographer, what to wear for your engagement session, and more.

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  1. Nicole Zenner

    I am so incredibly honored to be helping you in these final weeks, my friend. You and Kevin have planned a wonderful celebration of your love and I’m happy I can take care of some of those little details for you.


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