3 Ways to Have Gorgeous Wedding Day Photos

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There are a few simple things that you can do to really take your wedding to the next level. After all, don’t we all dream of perfectly gorgeous wedding day photos? The below suggestions help us as photographers document your story in the best way possible rather than be restricted (i.e. As you’ll see below, if your getting ready room is nice and clean we can photograph all the candid moments without trying to block out the empty Starbucks cups in the background). More importantly, these seemingly little things will help you feel heaps more comfortable on what can sometimes become an overly busy day. Comfort – above all else – is the absolute key to great photos! Being comfortable with the photographer you choose for your wedding is obviously the first step. Ensuring the environment around you, as well as what you’re wearing, creates comfort and confidence allows your photographer to capture your authentic personalities that much more.

Robes for Your Gals

I think we can all agree that the last time we saw a photo of ourselves in a spaghetti strap tank top it was probably from a very different era in life. 😉 A nice robe not only looks great, but it feels comfortable too! There is a lot of busyness the morning of a wedding day. With a room full of ladies hustling around half prepared, a beautiful robe can really help everyone feel special even before their hair & makeup is finished. Robes also help visually calm the photos down. This way you can focus on reliving the emotion on the face of your closest girlfriend instead of that plaid button-up she grabbed when your hair stylist said to wear a shirt you didn’t have to pull over your head.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150605-0001Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160709-0004 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150822-0002 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150822-0003Give Yourself Space – Literally!

I can’t keep track of the number of times we’ve walked into a lovely hotel room that was intended for 2 adults and there were 8 groomsmen elbowing for room by the one and only mirror. Having enough physical space to actually get ready will do wonders for feeling relaxed the morning of the big day. Ladies often get the main bridal suite with a separate living room for hair & makeup professionals to set up, but so often the guys get the short end of the stick. And ladies, even with the extra room, it seems like we could always use more space! The other bonus of having additional room is that you can keep your dress away from all the hairspray in the morning. We love when there are two separate rooms because one room can be kept clear of any extra luggage, dress bags, spare clothes, champagne glasses, food, purses… The list goes on and on. I’m sure you don’t picture the first moment in your perfect dress to be littered with Red Bull cans in the background. Do yourself a favor and give both you and your fiancé the space.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20131102-0011Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160514-0009 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160514-0007It’s very common to ask to see the suite(s) that you’ll reserving for your wedding weekend prior to booking a hotel. Check out the room options ahead of time and bear in mind the more windows the better! While we are prepared to make gorgeous photos for you no matter what the scenario, the more natural light the better. Not to mention, your makeup artist will also really appreciate it!

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150808-0005Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20151017-0014Chairs & Linens – The Most Frequently Forgotten Details

Hands down, the details we see most commonly forgotten are the chairs & table linens. It sounds really anti-climatic to point out how important what is effectively a tablecloth can be to your reception photos, but it does make the biggest impact. Think about it – What’s the one thing that repeats itself over and over and over again when you walk into a reception room? The chairs! Followed closely by the tables. Chairs can have one of the greatest effects on a room because of their repetition. We suggest keeping chairs as “light” as possible. By this I mean the difference between chairs that you can see-through versus solid chairs. Solid linen over chairs can fill up the room really quickly, whereas open chairs, like the chivari chairs below, keep your eye flowing to the beauty of your table decor beyond.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150627-0015 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150627-0016 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160514-0026 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160514-0025Second to chairs, table linens are the thing we notice can easily elevate the look of a room. They give you the opportunity to mix in a little texture or make your centerpieces that much more dramatic.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150605-0022Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20151002-0018 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20151002-0019 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20151002-0021Bonus: 2 Not-So-Little Things

Custom Suits for the Guys

Just like the getting ready rooms, the guys also tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to wedding day clothing. This is awfully ironic, since a great fitting suit or tux can definitely be re-worn after the wedding day! The details of a custom suit do not go unnoticed and if you are choosing a classic navy, grey or black suit color your groomsmen can also benefit from purchasing their suits instead of renting. Hands down there is no comparison between ill fitting pants and jackets to those tailored to you. Secretly, I think guys want to feel just as dapper as ladies feel beautiful in their clothes! Second to comfort, confidence is the most important feeling to have when you are being photographed. How you feel in what you are wearing can make a dramatic impact in your comfort level in front of the camera.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160604-0028 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160604-0027 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160529-0032 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160220-0030 And guys, don’t forget about the shoes! While ladies have jewelry and hairstyles to personalize their look, you can do the same thing with shoes, socks, belts and watches.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160220-0034 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20160604-0035Time to Breathe!

I’ve saved the best – and most important – for last. There is a big difference between what you can do on a wedding day versus what you can enjoy doing on a wedding day. Nothing breaks my heart more than a schedule that rushes the two of you through the day. Cramming in as much as possible when really you should be slowing down and breathing deep. Always account for Murphy’s law. If it takes you 5 minutes to get into your dress at the bridal boutique, assume it will take you 15 the day of your wedding. Emotions are running high and for the first time your mom is putting you in the dress without the help of the woman who does it every single minute of the day at the bridal shop. I’m 100% guilty of saying, “I’m ready!” when leaving home for date night when in actuality Kevin would tell you it takes me 5 more minutes to put my shoes on, grab my purse, double check I have my keys and walk out the door. If that happens to you on a regular basis, just think how much longer you might need on your wedding day?! It sounds silly, but without thinking about it, you can easily build a timeline for the day that doesn’t account for something as simple as a bathroom break.

But when you factor in that cushion time (even if 30 minutes to get into your dress sounds ludicrous), all of a sudden you’ve given yourself time to remember. You’ll have time to hug your best friend before you walk out the door or run back into the room to grab your chapstick you forgot without feeling unnecessarily stressed about an extra 5 minutes. A breathable schedule is the key to solving the thing so many people say after their wedding day: “It went by so fast, I hardly remember it.” That doesn’t have to be the case my friends!  Allow yourself time in your schedule to soak it in by not cramming your timeline. If you aren’t sure how much time to allow for things, then ask the pros! I’m always thrilled to be a part of early timeline conversations so we can help create the perfect day for everyone. Particularly because these comfortable, authentic portraits you see below can not be created when you are in a rush.

Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150523-0038 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20140802-0036 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20150808-0039 Tips-for-Gorgeous-Wedding-Day-Photos-Rebecca-Marie-Photography20131102-0037

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