Wedding Celebration at the Knickerbocker, Chicago – Hayley & Connaught

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With its historic charm and ornate ballroom, a wedding steeped in rich family history is the perfect celebration to host at the Knickerbocker Chicago. Hayley & Connaught’s Chicago reception hit the nail on the head. In fact, they may have just set the new standard for what it means to unite your family’s legacy to the first day of the rest of your life together. Leading up to the party at the Knickerbocker, these two enjoyed a summer full of celebration. Because both of their families have strong Irish heritage, Hayley & Connaught chose to first get married in Ireland. That would be amazing in and of itself, but they got married in none other than the “Connaught Room” of a historic castle in Cong, Ireland.  Yea… #WeddingGoals.

For me, weddings are not “just one day.” Quite the contrary in fact. They are the first day of forever, but they are also a day when so many people’s stories join together to create one new memory. Hearing all that these two had planned in Ireland sent me over the moon for what a wedding should be about! As if that wasn’t enough, the Knickerbocker was chosen to celebrate back home in Chicago because it’s where Connaught’s mom & dad were married. That’s legacy in real time, my friends!

You should never plan anything based off Chicago’s weather, but the gorgeous blue of Hayley’s bridesmaid dresses sure looked fantastic against the moody clouds!

Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0017 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0007 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0011 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0018 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0002 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0010 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0012 While guests enjoyed cocktail hour, one snuck into the ballroom a little early to practice her dance moves 😉

Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0013 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0008 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0001 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0003 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0004 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0005 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0014 Knickerbocker-Wedding-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0006

Congratulations Hayley & Connaught. May your families continue to create such amazing histories together to be shared for even more generations!

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  1. Sue Donnelly

    Oh, Rebecca! How wonderful! Thank you! You captured such personality and character! Beautiful!!




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