North Ave Beach Engagement – Jessica & Jeremy

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When two people both bowl the best game of their lives on their first date, you know that must be a good sign! This was the case with Jessica & Jeremy, and right from the start of their North Ave Beach engagement session we could tell these two were more than just perfect bowling partners. The brisk Chicago afternoon that day gave us the better part of the beach to ourselves, and we totally took advantage of the minimalist and pastel landscape that it offered. Both avid sailors, Jessica & Jeremy looked just as much in their element with the lake as a background as they did with the city. North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0016 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0005 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0017 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0002 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0001 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0012North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0011 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0010 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0009 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0008North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0004 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0013North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0003 North-Ave-Beach-Engagement-Pictures-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0015



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