Napa Valley Wedding – Kristen & Nancia

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I am forever grateful to Sarah and the Cole Drake Events team for introducing me to Kristen & Nancia. Their Napa Valley wedding day was nothing short of a beautiful expression of support, respect and undeniable love. The amazing thing about working with a great planning team is they learn who you are and what you value in order to then pair you with creative professionals who undoubtedly are your kind of people. From our very first phone call to a literally day-long engagement session, I think I can speak for all of us when I say it felt like we’d know each other for years, rather than a few short months. Sarah also appreciated that Kristen & Nan, just like myself, are ladies of dichotomy. In bringing together a creative team of vendors that appreciate complexity, we were all able to honor the many facets that makeup Kristen & Nancia individually as well as together. They had a romantic day together, while also holding onto their fierce individual personalities (just wait until you see their wedding people go from a hilarious group of friends to smokin’ fierce models!!). Kristen & Nan brought their closest loved ones to a special part of the world to celebrate while also holding onto the unique traditions of their hometown, New Orleans. And in true New Orleans style, the party never slowed down. While the food was delicious, from the very start of the reception, the dance floor was open and rarely slowed down. I could write a novel about these ladies, so for now, I’ll let you get to the point and scroll on down to see a sneak peek into their heartfelt Napa Valley wedding day at the Brasswood.


  1. Carolyn S Bradley

    The pictures are beautiful! They captured the love that everyone felt . This union, the service and the scenery made me feel an unbelievable joy. Congratulations Nan and Kristen for sharing an unforgettable wedding. Salute to everyone that participated in making this fairy tale experience reality. Awesome!

  2. Ralph Sterling

    As one of the father, I really felt the love of families and friends that came to be a part of the wedding of the year and a very proud father . The music was fantastic, kept every one on the dance floor, food was awesome!

  3. Nancy Sterling

    The photos truly captured the joyous spirit of the wedding and the love and warmth among all that were there. For those who were unable to attend, my, my did we miss an experience and a blessed celebration! Much love to Nan and Kris!

  4. Eric Rucinski

    These photos are lights out!! The brides’ beauty shines through.

  5. Lauren Rucinski

    I cannot get over how beautiful these photos are. They capture the magic of Kris and Nan’s wedding!!

  6. Lindsay Johnson

    Radiant! Such an honor to witness this magical day. Is it illegal to be too good looking?? Love you both so much!


  7. Carlie

    These are all so amazing, can we go back to that night right now please?! Love you guys so much!

  8. Jessie

    Stunning!!! Love these beauties so much

  9. Ashlei Turner

    OMG!!! The photos truly show how beautiful it was!!! AMAZING

  10. McClellan

    Omg!! Love the one with the Dads and the seated one by the fireplace! Beautiful and bougie!

  11. Lauren Anderson

    Total stunners. Kristen, I remember meeting up with you for a drink when you were going into law school and you telling me about meeting Nan. Your eyes were all stars. So insanely happy for you. XO.

  12. Allison Crump

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful inside and out! Much love from the Crumps!

  13. Michelle Melancon

    Best wishes!

  14. Necole Irvin

    The beautiful photography accurately represents the beauty of the couple and the moment. Blessings and love!

    (Rebecca your craft is stellar)

  15. Mahogane Reed

    So perfect!

  16. Melanie Amond

    Rebecca Marie, your photographs are pure art! I am forever grateful to you for traveling to Napa with us and capturing the union of these two sweet women so beautifully. My heart melts every time I look at these photographs. We adore your work and adore you! You’ve been adopted by this southern family!

  17. Brittanie

    Love these pictures and this couple ❤️

  18. Rachel Bernstein

    These pictures are fire!! Love you guys!!

  19. Kaki

    These are phenomenal! Wonderful job capturing a beautiful couple!

  20. Jordan Jackson

    Beautiful scenery and beautiful people!! These turned out phenomenal! Congrats on yalls nuptials. ❤️

  21. George Werres

    These are so lovely! The wedding was a blast!

  22. Ross

    Unbelievable pics that only two bosses like kris and nan can pull off. Sad to have missed the day in person, but love what I’m seeing!


  23. Lynne

    Absolutely beautiful photos dripping with love and happiness. Congratulations to you both!

  24. Rebekka

    Excellent dance floor shots! Congrats Kristen & Nan!


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