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Not many people realize that weddings are a team sport until after it’s all said and done. But Caitlin & Aaron #NailedIt. Maybe someone gave these two a heads up (hint: Caitlin’s sister who works with the rockstar team at LK Events) or these two are just crazy insightful. Most likely, both. Not only did Cait & Aaron put together a knock-out Chicago vendor team for their City Winery wedding day, most important of all, they made sure it was a team built around their one core focus of the day – To allow the two of them to truly slow down and soak in every.single.moment. I talk about this with every couple but I have never before seen anyone take it as deeply to heart as Caitlin & Aaron, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the two of them! Naturally, with that kind of attention to emotional detail, an attention to all of the visual details followed suit. And man, oh man, was I like a kid in a candy store! From an absolutely lovely color palette, to just the perfect mixture of textures and personal styles, everything on the outside lined up perfectly to showcase all the emotions felt on the inside throughout the day.
As I was walking Caitlin to see Aaron for their First Look, she said, “Oh shoot, I left my sunglasses in the room!” Lo and behold, guess what Aaron had gotten her as a surprise wedding day gift? The man knows his wife well 😉
We were all excited that Walter got to come downtown to see his mom & dad on their wedding day. Be sure to check out his RMP debut during their engagement session.
I have never seen anything that the team over at Fleur Inc. has made that I didn’t love!! Just when you think you’ve seen them knock it out of the park, they surpass themselves.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I adore soft colored bridesmaid dresses! You ladies look fabulous!!
True to their core focus of staying present in the day and soaking in each moment, Caitlin & Aaron asked their guests to do the same thing. I love unplugged weddings because it results in a room full of your loved ones actually watching you, rather than grabbing a quick snap and worrying about what filter or caption to add to it, often times missing what’s actually happening. Their ceremony never would have been the same without the attentive presence felt by Cait & Aaron’s loved ones thanks to this simple request.
And this my friends, would be some clear proof that having a First Look in no way detracts from your walk down the aisle. I get choked up all over again looking at the emotion on Aaron’s face as Cait walked towards him.
Married! And they aren’t the only ones excited about it 😉
This may have been one of my all-time favorite moments of the day: When Cait & Aaron stopped, publicly, to soak in their room of guests. And you know one of the most beautiful things about remaining present to the moment? It encourages everyone around you to do exactly the same thing. Scoll back up and pay particular attention to the background of Cait & her dad’s rockin’ dance together. You know what’s unique about it? You can see everyone’s faces in the background! And you know why that is? Because they aren’t holding up their phones! As soon as you hold a cell phone (or camera) up to take a photo, your face is immediately blocked. Which means the couple you came to celebrate, doesn’t in turn get to celebrate your attendance at their wedding, because they can’t see your face.
And thanks to the musical stylings of The Chicago Players, the dance floor was packed for the rest of the night…
Congratulations Caitlin & Aaron! As you land back into reality after the bliss that is a Grecian honeymoon, I hope the joy of reliving your day lifts you through the struggle that is #jetlag. Can’t wait to relive the full thing together tomorrow!

The City Winery Wedding Chicago Vendor Team

Hair: Laura Kranz | Makeup: Brian Sutherby, Muse Beauty | Floral: Katie Dawson, Fleur Inc | Catering & Venue: Todd Carr, City Winery | Lighting: Tom Mamola, Atmosphere Events Group | Music: The Chicago Players | Transportation: VIP Valet Services | Getting Ready Hotel: The Renaissance Chicago | Coordination: Allison Young, LK Events


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