Cantigny Gardens Engagement – Emily & Devin

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Helloooooo golden, creamy, soft amazing romantic light!  Not to mention wonderfully thought-out outfits, a gorgeous setting, and a couple so sweet you'll get diabetes reading this post... yea, Emily & Devin's Cantigny Gardens engagement session is what wedding photographers' dreams are made of.  Just look at these two! Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0006 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0007 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0003 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0004 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0015 Cantigny Gardens is one of my favorite spots in the Chicagoland area to photograph.  With it's well kept grounds and secret nooks, it looks great anytime of the year.  That, and it just so happens to be the site where a small scene in one of my all-time favorite movies was filmed!  Can you spot which movie it is? (Hint: The below image is the backdrop of said scene) Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0021 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0022 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0020 Let's talk about how absolutely perfect the details of Emily & Devin's outfits were!  From the pattern of Emily's skirt, to complimentary textures of her multiple bracelets, even their belts were coordinated together. Not to mention, Devin rocked some fantastic shoes.  Emily also paired the gold of one of her bracelets with fantastic gold earrings that flowed perfectly in the breeze.  Staying in the same color scheme while mixing up textures, made these two look even more adorable together without looking like twins.  If you are looking for inspiration on how to tie together your outfit with details, bookmark these two! Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0023 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0009 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0013 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0012 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0019 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0017 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0005 Love! Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0001 Huge props to Nick for one of our favorite images. Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0011 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0010 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0008 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0002 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0014 As the sun continued to set the light complimented the comfortable beauty between Emily & Devin more and more... Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0016 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0018 Cantigny-Gardens-Engagement-Photos-Chicago-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0024 p.s. We met up with Emily & Devin just before Easter.  Cantigny Gardens does Easter right, with a sizable egg hunt and they just so happened to be getting ready for the big event as we strolled the grounds.  How many eggs could you spot?  Leave your guesses in the comments below!


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