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If I could start out this blog post with just an audio clip, it would be me squealing like a child with joy. Go freshen your cup of coffee and settle in my friends. It’s a long goooooorgeous blog post, because there were simply too many favorites to make it any shorter. If you are reading wedding blogs, then you probably hear this a lot, but quite literally – Nicole & Matt’s classic yet modern wedding day could not have been more perfect. From the attention in every detail to the full range of every emotion, this was a dreamy sort of wedding day.

Surrounded by their loved ones and head over heels for each other, these two could not have been happier (even if Mother Nature went from a lovely 80 degrees to a shocking 38). After all, they waited 9 years for this special day and they were sure to make every moment count. And sometimes, making every moment count might have meant skipping straight to the ones you were the most excited for. Perfect example? Nicole & Matt maybe skipped to the first kiss part just a taaaad early. How early? Oh, ya know… like… half way through the ceremony! In doing so, I’m pretty sure they created a story that will be shared for generations though 🙂 Settle in and soak in each of these precious moments friends. No skipping to the end! You are not going to want to miss a single photo.

That moment when you realize that your coordination skills were so on point your bridesmaid dresses matched breakfast. Hah!

Note: All of Matt’s getting ready photos were taken by our new rockin’ second photographer, Vanessa. I could not be more thrilled to have her on our team! (Not to mention, she’s a new lead photographer for our sister company, Gold Grid Studios, which you should totally go check out too! But not until after you finish this blog post of course).

40 degrees out, freezing, and still having a fan-flipin-tastic time, because for the first time all day, they are back in each others arms. I mean, my friends, “outtake” moments aren’t supposed to be this adorable.

The way Matt looks at Nicole?! I mean… #SwoonWorthy!!

And speaking of how Matt looks at Nicole – Just because they saw each other prior to the ceremony, in no way took away the emotion and excitement of walking down that aisle…

Officially husband & wife!!  But wait…

Oh yea, the ceremony isn’t done yet. Oops. 😉

Nicole & Matt, Thank you so much for inviting me into your fairytale and entrusting to me this amazing responsibility of documenting your love on such a climatic day!

Meet the Wedding Day Team

Wedding Coordinator: A Fresh Event | Venue: Revel Fulton Market | Videographer: Poetic Weddings | Caterer: Limelight | Band/DJ: Rendition | Floral/Decor: Revel Decor | Hair/Makeup: Riley Parnau | Dessert: Dinkel’s Bakery | Transportation: Windy City Limo | Hote: Hotel Chicago

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    These are gorgeous–the color and clarity are incredible! I feel like I’m looking at Brides magazine! Nicole and Matt you both look stunning!:))


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