Laughing so hard you cry from a friend’s joke. The first time you see each other. Hugging Grandma. These are the moments that are only the beginning of your wedding day. They are important to be captured, but you also don’t want to spend your entire wedding day with your photographer. You know those classic family formals are a must, but the faster they can be done, the better. You should  be spending most of your time talking with your loved ones, not smiling at our cameras. 

After all, how often are all of these people in one room together?

Unsure About a First Look?

While it is by no means a requirement, suggesting a First Look is one of my top tips for couples that are worried about the day going too fast and slipping by. I know so many are still on the fence about seeing each other before the walk down the aisle, but having a First Look is perhaps the number one way you can truly slow down and soak in your wedding day. Do not choose to do one because of logstics or because of photos. Instead, consider the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a truly private moment together on such a climatic day. The remainder of the day you will be excitedly greeting and thanking all of your guests, which also means you will be constantly with all of your guests. Ironically, in giving yourselves time at the start of the day, it allows you to spend even more time with your loved ones throughout the day. The busyness of your wedding day can be beautiful, but without a little intentionality behind your day’s schedule, it can quickly become a beauitful blur. In choosing to have a First Look, you will be able to separate out the big moments of your day in order to actually remember it all.

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