Katrina & Dimitri’s Dream Destination Wedding

“I’m so grateful to you for asking that one simple question. You’ve changed our wedding into something that reflects us and something we are going to be proud of for the rest of our lives!” -Katrina, after cancelling their Chicago wedding in favor of Seattle


Katrina & Dimitri’s wedding planning story is a unique one. Here was one of the first things Katrina wrote to me:

If we got married in Seattle, our wedding would be more nature themed…outdoors maybe, trees, water, etc. Our love of nature and adventure is our most common and strongest bond. Moving to Seattle was a big mile stone in both our lives individually and together. It was first time we both moved away from our families, of which we are very close to our older siblings and relied heavily on them for everything. It was also a sign that we felt strong enough as a couple to make a big life change together. Seattle is the beginning of establishing our individuality within our families and the true expression of what we love about each other.“

I couldn’t describe their actual wedding day any better. It was truly watching what had previously only been dreamt about (and barely whispered aloud) come alive. All because during our phone first phone call I asked, “Why not?”


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