Do you still fiddle with your ring all day? Purposefully putting it into the sun coming through the window on your commute home just to see it sparkle? Yea, I get it 😉 An engagement isn’t always top on the list of to-do’s for all of our couples, but across the board, time and again, it has made such a drastic impact in preparing for the wedding day.

Destination Engagement Sessions

From Paris to upstate Michigan, accompanied by the music of a street musician in Central Park or the constant jazz of the New Orleans French Quarter, strolling along a busy Chicago sidewalk or alone on a frozen lake – Your engagement session is the opportunity to show the world what makes the two of you so unique.

We’ve all seen some of the same engagement photos over and over again, so I ask – Why not do something that is specific to only two of you? Maybe your favorite thing to do as a couple is to go hiking upstate on a long weekend or sit for hours in a tiny undiscovered restaurant in Paris? Maybe your happiest memories together have been spent at a lakehouse or along the side streets  of Cortona? When it comes time to plan your engagement session, why wouldn’t we do whatever it is that is your fondest and favorite?

Coming Soon: Frozen Lake Engagement, New Orleans engagement, NYC Proposal

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