This is the moment that makes this day different than any other. The pomp & circumstance of walking down the aisle is what gives our minds a moment to catch up and realize just how significant this next step is. While everyone is excited about the party, ultimately, the ceremony is what makes a wedding different than any other party you’ll ever host. Bring on the pipe organs and swing wide open the doors as you arrive. This is the big moment.


Ceremony Pro Tip:

Consider encouraging your guests to have an unplugged ceremony. While I’m not worried about being able to “get the shot” if guests want to use their own cameras or cell phones, what does break my heart is to see the back of everyone’s phones in your photos instead of the faces of your loved ones. You’ve put so much thought and time into specifically choosing who would bear witness to this climatic moment and in today’s instant technology world, we could all use a little remember every once in a while to stay present to the moment in front of us.

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