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This woman had a vision. She envisioned a world where every child is celebrated. Regardless of the realities of their life, she recognized the importance of something most of us take for granted – a birthday party.

While most view parties as unnecessary luxuries, Paige Chenault saw the heart of their importance. Celebrations such as birthdays or weddings bring communities together. They unite people. So often, each of our RMP couples say, “This will be the first (or only) time all of these people are in one room.” That’s powerful stuff. And to bring the JOY of a birthday party to a child who has to grow up far too fast is equally powerful. For 5 years now, The Birthday Party Project has been bringing the singular JOY of birthdays to homeless children around the country. I am proud to say that there are 3 locations here in Chicago and thrilled to not only be involved with those locations but also to have documented the 5th “birthday” of TBPP last weekend in Dallas, TX. Because of this woman, over 900 people chose JOY this past weekend. Over 900 people chose to dress up in their best 1960s ensembles and unite together on a dance floor under the belief that #JoyChangesLives. Thanks to this woman right here, for the past 5 years, homeless children all over our country have been able to forget the circumstances they happen to find themselves in and focus on just being kids, celebrating birthdays. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your vision for the world you have given all of us, Paige.

The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0009The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0003The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0004The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0014“If you build it, they will come.” And come they did! These wonderful party enthusiasts come from all over the country. Because of their hard work and dedication, Paige’s initial vision has grown to 31 locations across the US and have celebrated over 3,000 birthdays.

The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0024 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0002And the always creative ladies of Gifts for the Good Life created a fun and clever pop up shop to continue raising money for this great cause, Gifts on the Go-Go! 🙂

The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0001The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0007The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0005 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0006 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0010 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0012The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0011 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0008 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0013 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0016 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0022 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0017

#BecauseOfEngage this awesome group of people right here came together from all over the country for this fantastic cause.

The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0018 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0019 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0020 The-Birthay-Party-Project-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0021

Amidst all the uncertainty we keep finding ourselves in, thanks to Paige Chenault & her vision for The Birthday Party Project, I found myself once again inspired. Inspired to continue to use photography to change the world. Inspired to focus on doing great work for good people. Inspired to choose love and choose joy.

Thanks to the amazing creative team and all of those that attended, we were able to raise $500,000 in one night to ensure TBPP keeps partying on with kiddos across our country.

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