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Our Save the Dates are mailed and loved ones have been personally alerted, so what better day than my own parents’ 42nd anniversary (today) than to publicly (finally) announce our wedding plans!! Drumroll please…

On April 23, 2018, Kevin and I will say “I Do” at the Abbazia San Pietro in Valle, in Umbria ITALY!  Yep, you read that right my friends. I’m embracing the question you’ve heard me ask so often, and running full steam ahead with “Why not?” Why not get married doing exactly what the two of us love to do together? Traveling together has shaped our relationship so much and given us some of our favorite memories. Wanting to truly be able to soak in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, my one request was to not get married during wedding season (I’m a little busy then, don’t you think?). Kevin’s one request was to get married abroad. As we began to research where would actually be beautiful (and accessible) in those typically less-than-desirable months of the year, Italy sprouted. With my dad’s side of the family being Italian, it was quickly the perfect, personalized, choice.

Now the big question I hear from any couple who’s considered a destination wedding but chose otherwise: “We wanted to do that but couldn’t imagine not having everyone there…” Kevin and I both have fabulously gigantic families, so even having the big day in Chicago would have meant not being able to invite everyone. And unfortunately, between the two of us, there is only my maternal grandmother with us still, so no matter where the wedding takes place, there will be loved ones who’s absence is deeply felt (and thankfully, my grandma traveled to France with us last summer, so we are definitely planning on her rockin’ it out in Italy!). The bonus? We don’t actually have to choose! After we return from Italy, we’ll have a big ol’ party with alllllll of our extended families (we’re talking 400 people here folks). I’ve witnessed so many amazing wedding days – big and small. It was the thing I was most nervous about. Which type of wedding would I want to ultimately have? The intimacy of a small group of your absolute closest friends? Or the power of a massive room of people all showing up just for you? Both have pros and cons and are beautiful in their own right, so why choose?! I always say that your wedding day is the one day you should have your top choice of everything you’ve dreamed of. So we aren’t choosing! (And spoiler alert: If you are thinking, that sounds great but let’s talk budget… All of this fun will actually be the same if not less than what an average size Chicago wedding would have been).

I’ll share our planning process throughout these next few months here on the blog so be sure to watch our Instagram and Facebook for announcements to stay up to date! (But if you are a binge watcher and can’t wait, check out www.ikissberg.com for a Sneak Peek of more details).

p.s. Extra credit points for those of you who comment below if you caught the phonetic pun in our hashtag 😉


  1. Mom and Dad

    Can’t wait! Love you both!

  2. DJ Brian B

    This is amazing! Congratulations!!

  3. Andrea

    Italy for the win!!

  4. Aunt Linda and Uncle Art

    You are such a great couple. It will be a great day



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