A Paris Proposal Story

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Spoiler Alert: It’s my story! Eek! Which of course means, I clearly didn’t take these photos. Huge thanks to Fran, The Paris Photographer, for documenting this very special Paris Proposal Story of ours. And since we’ve already ruined the surprise, let’s just start with the money shot 😉

Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0014Yep, Kevin proposed in Paris. Holy, freakin, cow! Writing this still feels beyond unreal so forgive me in advance for the excess of exclamation points and emoticons. When we originally planned our vacation to France, I knew I had to hire a photographer while we were in Paris. Clearly we weren’t engaged yet, but I’m a firm believer in documenting life regardless of the big, obvious occasions, so Kevin and I over the years have made it a semi-regular practice to be photographed (I personally make a point of being on the other side of the camera once a year so I remember what it feels like for all of you!) As fate would have it, the only time Fran still had available amidst our trip was our very last day.  In hindsight, I’ve been apologizing to Kevin a lot because it would seem he never got to relax! But… #WorthIt
While yes, there were a few curious moments, Kevin did a really good job of squashing any suspicions. So, by the time Tuesday, July 5th rolled around I was only thinking about soaking in every last moment of intentional quality time with this awesome guy in one of my favorite places in the world. Clearly, Kevin’s big sigh when I said it was time to leave our Air BnB for photos had nothing to do with a lack of photo taking excitement!

Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0031 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0030Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0005We’ve met up with Fran and everything is going just as I would expect a portrait session to go. There’s clearly a street musician hanging out near us, but that’s totally normal because we are at one of the most scenic spots in all of Paris. Of course there would be a street musician, it only makes sense! Little did I know…

Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0011Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0012So we cozy up near said musician and “wait for the tourists to get out of the way.” False! Really, what we were waiting for was Adrienne (the alleged street musician) to change the music he was playing into the song Kevin had hired him to play. Now, this song is not your run of the mill, street musician in Paris kind of song. We aren’t talking about La Vie en Rose here. Kevin had managed to find a violinist in Paris (while we were still in Chicago) who was willing to learn a song by Explosions in the Sky, which for the non-musicians in the crowd, is a rather complicated instrumental band. So clearly, as soon as the song switches the JIG IS UP. There is only one thing that can be happening if a “random” street musician, we just happen to be standing next to, while accompanied by a photographer is playing “A Slow Dance” by Explosions in the Sky. Cue the squeals of excitement.

Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0021Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0015Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0016Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0017A note about my immediate reaction when the music changed:  To all of the tourists who were near us at this moment and confused by the woman yelling “You lied!” while getting proposed to, let me explain. You see, Kevin made a point prior to our trip of noting how all of our friends & family kept telling him and I separately that clearly he had to take advantage of a Paris proposal because it would just be too perfect to pass up. And since they had all pointed that out already, it was now too obvious and even though he had been thinking about it, it wasn’t going to happen because everyone else ruined that.  Clearly, he lied. 😉

Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0002 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0001Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0023 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0019 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0020 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0003Friends, you have to understand, my favorite type of gift, my love language, is Quality Time. So regardless of whether it’s mac & cheese for dinner that’s ready when I arrive home because he thought ahead on how long my day was going to be or a Valentine’s Day date complete with a pre-purchased CTA card for traveling to the restaurant, when someone puts thought into anything ahead of time and does a bit of planning, it’s my favorite.  So this?  THIS! This was perfect.  And we still had an entire portrait session to spend time celebrating together!

Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0004Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0028Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0027Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0033 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0035 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0034 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0039 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0008 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0009Ok, one more thing (I’m Italian.  This means long stories and big emotions!). My parents & grandma were all on this trip with us and no one knew the proposal was coming! Which again, turned out perfectly, because thanks to Fran’s patience, we were able to completely surprise them together and catch it all on camera. For this, we are changing up the medium a little and giving you a GIF, because the progression of reactions is just too good to not see in motion. 🙂

RMP_PROPOSAL-03-slowerParis-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0041 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0040 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0042 Paris-Proposal-Rebecca-Marie-Photography_0043

Again a huge thanks to Fran, The Paris Photographer, for staying with us all morning to document this crazy surprise and celebration. Paris was already amazing to me; now it tops the list!  I’m Engaged!!



  1. Erin Carmean

    Congratulations Rebecca and Kevin! I love the “you lied” moment haha. So happy for the both of you 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the sunshine paired with your new “sparkle”!!!!

  2. Fran TheMan

    Dear Rebecca,
    It was such a pleasure being part of your very special proposal story. It was stunning and my heart was beating so fast when Kevin kneeled down. Hihi !

    Enjoy the engagement, it is the best time of our lives.


    • Rebecca

      Thank YOU Fran! Here I thought I had planned the whole shoot with you. HAH!

  3. Vicki Churchill

    Beautiful photos and such a wonderful story. I wish this happiness and love for you both always.

  4. Gina Marsh

    I’m freaking crying over here, this is so perfect! And that picture of you guys at the cafe with sunglasses on is my favorite one of the whole bunch. You both look like fabulous French movie stars and that bling is blinding! So happy for you, friend!

    • Rebecca

      Gina, the sunglasses were all Kevin’s idea! Hah!

  5. Caitlin Westlake

    Rebecca and Kevin — I am so excited for both of you. Congrats!!! What a most magical experience for both of you. I cannot wait to see you both in person so I can give you the world’s biggest hug! Love you guys!!

  6. Annie

    Y’all warm my heart! Congrats!!

  7. Sara Furlette-Koski

    So beautiful! You have captured some many beautiful moments, it was your turn to be the subject! Congrats!

  8. Jen

    Truly one of the most romantic proposals I’ve ever seen!! Congrats to you and Kevin!! He did an amazing job!!! Absolutely stunning pictures?❤️

  9. Sarah Davis

    Congrats Rebecca and Kevin! What great memories and such beautiful pictures. So glad your parents and grandma were there such a special event!

  10. Korky

    Stunning absolutely stunning!! I’ve waited for this blog post for DAYS!! Did you spray pain the RMP on that wall?!? Or….was that just a coincidence too? Can’t wait to see you! Isn’t LOVE grand!!!?

  11. Fannie

    I love this proposal ! Congratulations to you and Kevin

  12. Trena

    Your Godmother should have never read this blog while at work….I was a puddle. To see the little girl I love so much….. grown up and engaged!! Congratulations to both of you!!

  13. Barb Ickes

    Beautiful — the words, the pictures, the story. Congratulations, Rebecca and Kevin! Love you! XOXO

  14. Mom and Dad

    So happy Kevin will be our son-in-law! You rocked in out of the park. All the shots are great but the sunglasses….spot on. Love you both!

  15. Heidi Corley

    This makes me so happy ☺️Congratulations you two!!

  16. Sherry Jackson

    Congratulations Rebecca & Kevin! Your beautiful story had me tearing up! What a lovely story for a wonderful couple. ♥️

  17. Karrah Arling-Novak

    Congratulations Rebecca and Kevin! When I got the chance to read through the whole thing it brought a tear to my eye. How wonderful to also have family with you. The pictures are absolutely wonderful! Happy wedding planning! 😀

  18. Kaye Miller

    What a romantic story! Wishing you both a happily ever after.

  19. Tina Porubskt

    What a wonderful story. Enjoy the high.
    Blessings & joy!

  20. Tina Porubsky

    What a wonderful story. Enjoy the high.
    Blessings & joy!

  21. Jodi Hill

    So excited for you two!!!! The pictures, the story, the memories…all absolutely perfect. So much love!

  22. Margaret Berg

    The two of you deserve all the love, hope and connection that is emulated in these pictures. Rebecca, you are a talented and vibrant young woman and Kevin, you have grown into a fine young man to be proud of.


    The big day is almost here! Be happy, Rebecca and Kevin! You have so much fun to look forward to, I hope your journey together is a wondrous one.

  24. Anne Mulvihill

    Congratulations! Looks like it was a magical proposal!



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