40th Anniversary Surprise!

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40 years ago, two high school sweethearts promised to be with each other through thick and thin, better or worse, whatever life could throw at them. Surrounded by hundreds of family & friends inside the brand new barn at the bride's parent's farm, they danced under a hand-painted sign and pushed cars through the mud after a torrential downpour. Life definitely did its best & threw all sorts of highs & lows, but 40 years later Momma & Poppa Ickes are rockin' stronger than ever (I'm obviously bias, given the daughter status and all). I can't think of two more deserving people to have a barn full of people surprise them all over again. It was an absolute joy to utilize this intensely specific party-throwing knowledge base I've acquired over the years for some of the important people in my life. From covertly running (and hiding) around my hometown for 2.5 days to re-creating many of the unique details of the day, weather and all.  I know this was one of the best weekends in 2015 even with half the year left still. A million thank you's to family & friends who helped pull off all the tricks required of a surprise party. There are too many favors & details to list... Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0002 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0003 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0004 The first surprise: Kevin & I are in town!  Little did they know what's to come... Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0005 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0006 The best moment. Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0007 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0009 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0008 Major credit goes to Kevin for the next two and my favorite photos of the night. :) Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0012 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0013 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0011 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0014 Anniversary-Party-Rebecca-Marie-Photography-Design_0001 Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. You've shown me that a wedding day isn't just one day, over and gone. It's the beginning of a lifetime and if done right, you'll relive the day for decades to come.


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