Why I’m a Wedding Photographer

When I first started Rebecca Marie Photography, nearly a decade ago, it was not because of a lifelong plan (after all I went from being a nerdy oboe performance major to getting a degree in graphic design). But as is true with so much in life, hindsight is 20/20....

Black & White Modern Wedding Day – Nicole & Matt

If I could start out this blog post with just an audio clip, it would be me squealing like a child with joy. Go freshen your cup of coffee and settle in my friends. It's a long goooooorgeous blog post, because there were simply too many favorites to make it any...

I Believe…

I mentioned on our Instagram a couple of days ago I was putting the final touches on a post about who Kevin & I have chosen as our wedding photographers. And while that post is coming, in light of the ever escalating current events, and after all that has happened...

City Winery Wedding – Caitlin & Aaron

Not many people realize that weddings are a team sport until after it's all said and done. But Caitlin & Aaron #NailedIt. Maybe someone gave these two a heads up (hint: Caitlin's sister who works with the rockstar team at LK Events) or these two are just crazy...

Your Wedding Album: The Most Important Thing I Create

It's hard to put into words how strongly I feel about creating a wedding album. It is quite literally the most important thing I could make for our couples. I believe it in the depth of my being. In a jump up and down on a soapbox, shout it from the rooftops kind of...

A Paris Proposal Story

Spoiler Alert: It's my story! Eek! Which of course means, I clearly didn't take these photos. Huge thanks to Fran, The Paris Photographer, for documenting this very special Paris Proposal Story of ours. And since we've already ruined the surprise, let's just start...

Can you believe we didn’t even make it to the ceremony with Part 1 of Lyss & Drew’s Inns of Aurora wedding day in the last blog post? (If you haven’t seen that yet, be sure to click over here first). The Inns of Aurora provided the perfect setting for this nature loving couple to […]


Lyss is one of those people that after you’ve chatted for 2 hours on your very first phone call, you could have sworn you’ve actually known each other for decades. Add to that the extra special experience that only destination weddings allow – a full weekend of celebrating, rather than just one busy day – […]


With “outtakes” as adorable as this first image, you know Curtis & Susann’s University of Chicago engagement session was one adorable evening. These two will be celebrating their big day at the lovely Cannon Green in Charleston, but as we always say, the engagement session is an opportunity to document another part of your love story […]


If you follow us on Instagram, then you would have seen the sneak peek from Cassie & Drew’s Chicago engagement session last week and know what a smokin’ hot set of photos you are about to see. While Drew loves the grit and structure of Chicago architecture, Cassie had envisioned a more refined and dressy […]


Lauren & Matt are my kinds of people. They tell it like it is (in a sarcastically hilarious kind of way), kiss like they mean it, and don’t take the clichés of this crazy wedding world too seriously. At the same time, they rocked their Artifact Events wedding day as if the goal was to be […]


Can you believe that Part One of Rachel & Matt’s wedding day barely got us to the start of their ceremony? Yea, it was that good. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to click over (here) first. Today we pick up from where we left off and officially get these two married at […]