Black & White Modern Wedding Day – Nicole & Matt

If I could start out this blog post with just an audio clip, it would be me squealing like a child with joy. Go freshen your cup of coffee and settle in my friends. It's a long goooooorgeous blog post, because there were simply too many favorites to make it any...

I Believe…

I mentioned on our Instagram a couple of days ago I was putting the final touches on a post about who Kevin & I have chosen as our wedding photographers. And while that post is coming, in light of the ever escalating current events, and after all that has happened in...

City Winery Wedding – Caitlin & Aaron

Not many people realize that weddings are a team sport until after it's all said and done. But Caitlin & Aaron #NailedIt. Maybe someone gave these two a heads up (hint: Caitlin's sister who works with the rockstar team at LK Events) or these two are just crazy...

Your Wedding Album: The Most Important Thing I Create

It's hard to put into words how strongly I feel about creating a wedding album. It is quite literally the most important thing I could make for our couples. I believe it in the depth of my being. In a jump up and down on a soapbox, shout it from the rooftops kind of...

A Paris Proposal Story

Spoiler Alert: It's my story! Eek! Which of course means, I clearly didn't take these photos. Huge thanks to Fran, The Paris Photographer, for documenting this very special Paris Proposal Story of ours. And since we've already ruined the surprise, let's just start...

A wedding day is your chance to showcase what makes the two of you unique. It’s also the coming together of communities and families. Often times, it is the traditions of families that make us realize how our lives are actually connected. A wedding is part of generations of loved ones that have come before […]


Before I ever spoke with Kristen & Nancia, I got a call from their wedding planner, Sarah Drake of Cole Drake Events in Napa. Sarah said, “Just a heads-up, you are going to totally fall in love with these women.” Well, this is the perfect example of what makes amazing planners. They get to know […]


The answer to bad weather when it comes to your engagement session is quite simple. We reschedule. That’s a large reason why I only work with a limited number of couples every year. We want to be sure to stay as flexible as possible because while we love to plan everything as much as possible, at […]


4 weeks ago I was incredibly stressed. I had a couple of those magical days where you don’t have any meetings or plans, which naturally means you think you are going to get #AllOfTheThings done. And then I would look at the clock and 3 hours had slipped by. How? Because I wound up elbow […]


Usually, when someone asks me what to wear for photos, my go-to response is your favorite cocktail dress and/or a fitted collar shirt. It’s a no-brainer situation when it comes to an outfit combo that looks great in just about any scenario (yes, even hiking through the woods!). But that’s not Lauren & Matt’s vibe, […]


The hardest part about submitting a wedding for publication is not being able to share the photos anywhere until after. So with much anticipation, I am so excited to finally share a few favorites from Alissa & Bethany’s gorgeous Santorini destination wedding, featured in Modern Luxury Weddings magazine. Being a photographer herself, I think Alissa threw […]